Monday, May 11, 2015

Habemus Maestro? Not yet...INCLUDING AN UPDATE....

Nearly as dramatic as the smoke from the Sistine Chapel....
This just posted by Norman Lebrecht of Slipped Disc.

The 124 players have spent all day closeted in a church in Dahlem, the longest election debate anyone can remember for a chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. A mid-afternoon rumour, based on a tweet by horn player Sarah Willis, called it for Andris Nelsons. The tweet was swiftly deleted (and it’s not clear how Ms Willis tweeted when all electronic devices had to be surrendered at the door).

Shortly after 8pm, the players gave up for the night. An official tweet went out: @BerlinPhil: No result following today’s election for new chief conductor of @BerlinPhil. More details soon.

Let's just hope it doesn't turn into Bush/Gore 2000.

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Then again, maybe it will.  After 10 hours, it's a "no decision" and there may not be one before December.  Should I send them a video or just point the BPO to my YouTube channel?  I think I could squeeze them into my schedule.....

The voting has begun!

No, I'm not talking about British parliamentary elections.  Those are over and done with, and did not end with any of the expected excitement.

Jesus-Christus-Kirche Berlin-Dahlem
site of today's BPO election.

Today's election is of a different kind as the 124 tenured members of the Berlin Philharmonic meet to elect a new Music Director.  This person (let's just say "this guy") will succeed Sir Simon Rattle at the close of the 2016-17 season.

Interesting way to pick a new chief:  let the player's decide.  A far cry from that in the states.  Honestly enough, I once heard a search chair promise that the next conductor "would look good from behind," and another promised "a full head of hair."  I wish I was making these things up.

Anyway, the bets are in (see Ken Woods May 7 morning line).  I'm betting on a German:  it's either Thielemann or Thielemann.

By the way, the choice of the church for the election was not happenstance:  it's quite often the venue used for BPO recordings.  Here it is in "orchestra mode:"

Regardless of the outcome, methinks we will know soon....